Johann Delport

Certified Forensic Psycho-Physiologist

Founder and CEO of G17 Polygraph (Pty) Ltd


G17 Polygraph proudly presents the expertise of Johann Delport, a retired Sergeant with the South African National Defence Force.

With 17 years of invaluable experience in the field of interviewing and interrogation, Johann held a senior position throughout his distinguished career. He successfully handled high-profile criminal cases, counterterrorism efforts, espionage, internal investigations, and daily personnel interactions.

His practical experience has made him a trusted expert in the field.

About the Company

Founded in 2022, G17 Polygraph is a pioneering private polygraph company, specializing in lie detector tests. Our comprehensive range of services includes corporate cases and employee background honesty screening, among others.

At G17 Polygraph, our unwavering commitment is to become the premier Polygraph Company in South Africa, dedicated to delivering excellence in every engagement. We serve clients of all sizes, in any location, with equal urgency in uncovering the truth. Upholding a robust ethical code, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, morality, and ethical conduct.

Our responsibility lies in serving the cause of truth and justice.

At G17 Polygraph, we are committed to providing exceptional service of the highest quality. Our dedication to ethical standards ensures your satisfaction.

Trust us for unparalleled polygraph services.


G17 Polygraph aims to establish itself as the foremost authority in polygraph and forensic investigations, employing state-of-the-art scientific methods, upholding unwavering integrity, and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to truth and justice.


At G17 Polygraph, our mission is to uncover the truth using advanced polygraph technology and forensic expertise. We are committed to honesty and transparency in every case we handle. By providing unbiased, accurate, and reliable evidence through meticulous forensic investigations, we assist in the pursuit of justice. Our examinations and investigations are conducted with the highest ethical standards and respect for privacy, ensuring that we uphold the rights of individuals. We strive to build trust with our clients, partners, and the community by maintaining the utmost professionalism, transparency, and confidentiality.


At G17 Polygraph, our core values are rooted in integrity, truth and justice, and excellence. We operate with unwavering integrity, ensuring the highest level of trust in our services. Our dedication lies in uncovering the truth and upholding the principles of justice. Moreover, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, setting industry standards.

Our commitment to these principles guides our daily work, ensuring that G17 Polygraph and Forensic Investigations issynonymous with trust, accuracy, and integrity.