Service Fees

Looking for truth? G17 Polygraph provides reliable tests for personal and professional purposes. Our expert examiners use the latest techniques and technology for comprehensive results. Discover truth and confidence with G17 Polygraph – your go-to for forensic investigations.

Contracts and Packages

For our valued partners in industries like transport & logistics, mining, security, or hospitality, G17 Polygraph offers competitive monthly retainers. These customized packages are designed to address your specific needs and seamlessly incorporate regular polygraph testing into your operations. Contact us to discuss a retainer package that suits your requirements.

Individual Fees

G17 Polygraph acknowledges the individuality of each client’s needs, which is why we take pride in offering customized quotes for our services. Whether you require a single examination or a series of tests, we are skilled at calculating fees that align with your specific situation. Contact us today, and we will gladly provide you with a comprehensive quote tailored to your needs.